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Its hard - and that’s an understatement... 
when you keep trying to get ahead and live a life you envision, but somehow in the middle of this journey... 
things start to unravel.

Fears and anxiety take over, all the stories that we have been told start to come to surface and we just want to hide under the covers. The belief that we don’t deserve the “our happiness” comes to mind.


So we go back to working and grinding and putting those dreams on the shelf for the time being when we have more time on our hands and the hecticness of our lives isn’t so prevalent.


Does this sound familiar?

So your dreams are on the back burner because:


  • Each time you think no one around you is supporting you, doubting you, comparing you, and all those not so nice things.

  • Your core beliefs get activated and that becomes detrimental.

  • You think to yourself, “well my life isn’t that bad”. Maybe I will find the perfect job, house, lose or gain weight and so on. You settle to protect yourself. 

I am here to tell you kick those thoughts good-bye! 

It’s not easy work uncovering layers of automatic thinking that have been integrating you subconsciously.


However, working with me, you accomplish:
defeating the self-depactatory thoughts, establishing clear boundaries and bringing in more compassion and joy into your life, recognizing shame and overcoming them, create a unique tailored selfcare lifestyle, creating a shift in your mindset, overcoming your fears so that you can live a healthier and joyful lifestyle.

Through our work together, you will achieve:
  • Learning your WHY to the barriers of your dreams 

  • Understanding how you utilize the language of SHAME to hold you back and how to change that to improve your life

  • Creating clear BOUNDARIES 

  • Creating a SELF-CARE package uniquely tailored to yourself. 

  • Gaining MASTERY and CONFIDENCE to achieve your DREAMS 

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