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Self-care is more than a buzzword.

It essentially is wrapped up in our sense of worthiness and of deservedness. 


When we don’t take care of ourselves, it spills over into
our spiritual, emotional, physical and social well-being.


We start to feel small substantial waves of burnout.


We start to lack joy in our work and in our daily lives.

In this package, you and I will:


  • Go through an assessment

  • Create a uniquely tailored plan to help you develop healthier habits

  • Develop a self-care package

So you can be compassionate, gentler, self-forgiving,
and learn to be in mindful in the present moment.

I came to Noor because I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed.
She did an assessment with me and determined that it was my job that was my main stressor. I couldn’t change jobs, so we worked on a self-care plan for me to work on my daily stress.
She taught me about the connection with the brain and gut, helped me develop healthier eating habits and regular exercise routines. She also helped me develop therapeutic habits at work.
My workspace is now warm and welcoming and in-between seeing clients I use aromatherapy. My job might not have changed, but my stress level is much more manageable! I can’t thank Noor enough! 

Kayleigh B.

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