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Are you looking to bring more joy, creativity,
emotional well-being, wellness and self-care into
your work environment or company? 

I enjoy working with companies and giving workshops and presentations.

It is incredible to see how bringing about small changes can be
completely transformative for your employees. 

It’s important to recognize how shame can stifle creativity and joy at work,
how embracing our imperfections can allow for more creativity, team building,
and productivity.

It allow us to be courageous at work.  

Female Developers
Here's what my workshops will focus on: 


  • How to bring balance into your
    work environment

  • How to recognize burn out and how
    to avoid it

  • How to have more fun at work and how transformational it can be

Consulting with Noor for your team is a three step process. 

Step One: We sit together and assess the needs of the team/company. This is the initial consultation. This is where the team and Noor figure out gaps and solutions. 

Step Two: Noor provides the workshops/presentations based upon the needs of the company/team. This is an interactive approach, hands-on learning while providing information via videos and presentations. This can range from half a day to full day to two days. 

Step Three: Follow through on how things are coming along. Any Q&A that might need to be answered. Last minute advice or suggestions. 

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