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Throughout my childhood into my adulthood,
I have known deep in my bones that I have
always wanted to help people.

My journey started when I migrated from Pakistan to the United States. 

Throughout my childhood into my adulthood, I have known deep in my bones that I have always wanted to help people in some capacity. It is the core of who I am.

I've always wanted to empower individuals to fully live their lives while I helped in the background... To see women from all walks of life flourish, become resilient, become empowered to reach and live their dreams. 

I became a mental health therapist and that journey led me to become a transformative mindset coach. Having worked on my shame around body dysmorphia, it allowed me the space for a mind-shift to occur.

I started to truly understand boundaries, recognize the language of shame, and taking care of myself meant. I became passionate about helping women break down old and dysfunctional mindsets to overcome barriers. I wanted women to open up and have these dialogues on how shame impacts us.

With my background in mental health therapy, it allows me to approach my clients through an heart centered and empowerment based service. It allows my clients to openly talk about these tough topics while feeling they are being validated and listen to and how to integrate their stories so they can be whole again. It allows my clients to learn to work with their inner critic and transform their mindset.

The results my clients see when working with me is establishing clear boundaries, taking caring of themselves so they can serve the people in their lives and themselves, recognize how they are shaming themselves, quieting the inner critic so they can achieve their dreams and no longer people pleasing and stepping into their gifts with empowerment and resilient hearts. 

  • Worked internationally to help create mental health programs in Afghanistan

  • Contract work with the Grossman Burn Foundation 

  • Volunteered at US-Afghan’s women’s counsel  

  • Presented at United States Institute of Peace on women’s rights and trauma 

  • Worked at Saint Francis Hospital 

  • Working at ACCESS:Supports for Living as a therapist 

  • Noor Pinna Therapy private practice 

  • Workshop at Zephyr’s Float

  • Adjunct Psychology professor at Mount Saint Mary College  

  • Workshops at VCA hospitals in California 


Are you ready to become the leader of your own universe? 

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