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Who Am I?

I am  Mental Health therapist turned Transformative mindset coach.

I  am passionate about empowering You to achieve your goals and dreams.


I believe that understanding the underlying causes can help us be in the present moment mindfully and engage in way that brings us JOY.


There is so much power and beauty to hold within all of us as we integrate our stories in a new transformative way that will enable us to become the better version of ourselves, chase our dreams, heal our wounds, and gain back control, let go of the shame and perfectionism and not feel guilty. 

I guide women through peeling back the layers, exposing the vulnerabilities and fear to overcome them to release the negative energy, gain back our authenticity and uniqueness so that they become leaders of their own universe. 

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How I Can Help You

1:1 Coaching Program
My signature program
for individuals

Uncover potential and existing barriers to help you transform into your beautiful authentic self so you can lead the dream life you have been craving

Business Meeting
For Companies & Groups

Workshops for your employees so that you can overcome barriers in creativity, productivity, and become a cohesive unit and have a better balance in your lives. 

Artful Table Arrangement
Lifestyle Program
Self-Care Intensive

We create a uniquely tailored package targeting your personal barriers and how you can integrate self-care into your daily live AND be able to follow through. 


Keep updated with tips and tools, interviews, and empowering stories to help motivate you when you are feeling stuck.


The inspirational go-to.

After working with Noor I am more grounded, more settled in my truth, more connected to my confidence, and ready to tackle challenges and receive change in new ways. 

Deeply informed by her knowledge of human psychology through her therapy practice, Noor brings an essential element to Transformation mindset coaching with compassion, warmth and genuine understanding about the underlying forces that drive her clients.


She offers tools and resources to help challenge old thinking pattern. She firmly but non-judgmentally allowed me to address what was holding me back.


I am very grateful to her for the clarity she has helped me to achieve, and the ways in which her support have helped me to assess boundaries, learn new strategies, and train my mind and inner landscape to be more receptive to healthy joy and empowered success. 

Jamie Laurens

Join our community

My Facebook community, Resilient Mindset, is a SAFE container to hold and express your emotions regarding three major topics: Shame, Boundaries & Self-Care.


A group where you feel safe and comfortable to share, be empowered, and bring out your authentic self!

Let's be friends!

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